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Who are we?

We have a shared dream of producing food in a way that benefits our local community and the environment.


Originally managed by Francesca and her husband Oliver the Modern Kitchen Garden has developed into a collaborate project managed by Francesca, Christy and Hollie alongside their wider regenerative farming business, The Modern Home Farm.


The Modern Kitchen Garden aims to produce high quality nutrient dense food in a way that regenerates the land and benefits wildlife. Our produce is sold directly to consumers and through small scale local outlets within hours of being picked from the field.

A nation that destroys its soil destroys itself

Franklin D Roosevelt

We feel passionately that that high quality, nutrient-dense, food can be produced while also improving biodiversity, soil health and preserving the highest standards of animal welfare. It has become increasingly apparent that soil degradation (and the resultant pollution), loss of nutrients in our food and emissions of carbon dioxide and methane are huge issues that must be tackled.

we believe that it is possible to meet all our human needs whilst restoring soils, ecosystems and communities


Richard Perkins

Regenerative Agriculture

Our aim for the Modern Kitchen Garden is to provide a space to experiment and model various types of regenerative farming practices whilst producing food for our local community. For any system to work it must regenerate the land and enhance wildlife, whilst also being productive, financially viable and fun! 

In 2019 we started to sell our no dig vegetables through Ryde Farmers’ Market and were overwhelmed by the positive response we received. 


In 2020 we also welcomed our flock of free-range, pastured hens who have been busy improving our pasture while providing delicious multicoloured eggs with bright yellow yolks!

We are passionate about promoting and encouraging small scale regenerative farming. If you are interested in starting your own project, please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

Photos by Maria Bell

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